Obama’s “carbon pollutics” described in a White House press release 25 June 2013.

After citing a list of recent natural disasters and claiming “the 12 warmest years in recorded history have all come in the last 15 years”, President Obama has announced “a plan to cut carbon pollution; a plan to protect our country from the impacts of climate change; and a plan to lead the world in a coordinated assault on a changing climate”.

White House Press Release

Editorial Comment: We would remind President Obama that “recorded history” of precise temperature measurements referred to above only goes back about 150 years. Yet the historical evidence, reluctantly accepted by global warming advocates, is that there have been warm periods in the past, e.g. the Medieval warm period, the Roman Empire warming, none of which were caused by “carbon pollution” from industry and motorised transport. President Obama may have the most powerful position in human politics, but he cannot legislate to change the activities of the sun, ocean currents, clouds, volcanoes and other natural phenomena that contribute to the earth’s climate.

Furthermore, we would remind Obama that carbon dioxide, the main target of “carbon pollution” reduction schemes, is not pollution. It is a natural component of the atmosphere and is an essential resource for plant growth. The more the plants have the better they grow, and the more oxygen they can make for us.

For a critique of Obama’s speech see “Obama’s global-warming claims demolished” on World Net Daily here.

Evidence News 10 July 2013

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