God out of science, says The Science Teacher (USA) Nov 2003, Vol 70 No.8, p.34 which states: “scientists refrain from considering God’s actions in their work. Instead they use observation, experimentation, prevailing scientific theory, mathematics, logical arguments, strict empirical standards, heuristics, and healthy skepticism to produce knowledge. Scientific theories are therefore explanations about aspects of nature without reference to God. This means they are natural, and we call this context methodological naturalism.”

Editorial Comment: That’s it folks: Evolutionists – 1, Creationists – 0, by “de-fine” right of the Science Teachers Association of America.

Will students be allowed a “healthy skepticism” to challenge this definition? Or will they be forced to submit? Brings to mind the wise man who wrote “the fear of God (the Creator) is the beginning of knowledge”. (Proverbs 1:7)

By the way, do you think they knew what heuristics is?

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