Revealing CO2 climate confession as UK university professor Dr Iain Stewart, star of BBC documentary “Earth – The Climate Wars” and Professor of the School of Earth, Ocean and Environmental Sciences, University of Plymouth, states in answer to viewers’ questions about the role of CO2: “You are quite right – CO2 rises after temperature. This has been orthodox climate science for a century now and I don’t think you’ll find a single geologist or climate scientist that disputes it. In fact, it is the basis of our understanding of the ice ages. The fundamental control on planet temperature – and the pacemaker for the ice ages – is not CO2 but changes in Earth’s orbit which controls solar heating. However, as the planet’s temperature warms by orbital changes, more CO2 gets released and it is this rising greenhouse effect that then accentuates and sustains further warming. Eventually, orbital changes cause an overall cooling and the CO2 feedback effect goes into reverse. So there is a close association/correlation between temperature and CO2, but not the one that sceptics wrongly assume scientists believe. We didn’t even mention it because it is such a misconstrued argument.”

Editorial Comment: Wow – the truth that CO2 is not the real cause of warming is too difficult for viewers to follow so let’s skip it. We hope viewers suggest that as a result of this admission, they find all carbon taxes too difficult to follow so let’s skip them also.

Evidence News 29 October 2008

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