Siberia warmer in the past, concludes University College London Researcher, according to a report in, 8 October 2007.

Anson Mackay of the Environmental Change Research Centre, has constructed the most accurate high-resolution temperature record of Siberia (Lake Baikal) over the past 800,000 years. It clearly demonstrates the region has often been considerably warmer than at present. The most recent data shows Siberia first began warming around 250 years ago – well before the industrial revolution, and its resulting greenhouse gas emissions could have been a factor. Mackay concludes, “[Changes] started as early as c. 1750 AD, with a shift from taxa that bloom during autumn overturn to assemblages that exhibit net growth in spring (after ice break-up) …Warming in the Lake Baikal region commenced before rapid increases in greenhouse gases, and at least initially, is therefore a response to other forcing factors such as insolation changes.”


Editorial Comment: This is yet another in a now long line of historical studies which do not support the contention that modern man’s industrial emissions are the key cause of global warming. Given that the scientific historian is merely a prophet in reverse – then time should prove him right in retrospect also! Sadly it will probably be long after he is bankrupt from global warming taxation.

Evidence News 31 October 2007

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