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Carbon polluting minds, not atmosphere, claims Retired Professor of Geology, Ian Plimer in the Australian 22 November 2019.

Plimer has written an article criticising “ignorant activists, populist scaremongering, vote-chasing politicians and rent seekers” for using terms such as “climate emergency”, “unprecedented”, “carbon footprint” and “pollution”.

Real pollution, he declares, is plastic and particulates, along with sulphurous and nitrogenous gases, but not carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is plant food, as evidenced by the fossil record of lush vegetation when carbon dioxide levels were higher, and in modern day real greenhouses where plant growth can be enhanced by pumping in carbon dioxide.

Plimer points out that climate models have failed to predict actual climate over the last 30 years, and this is because they are concentrating on carbon dioxide, and not the real sources of climate change – the sun, clouds and the oceans. Oceans store most the heat from the sun, and water vapour is mainly responsible for absorbing and transferring heat in the atmosphere, as well condensing into clouds to carry rain across the land.

Plimer also takes issue with other environmental changes that are blamed on man-made global warming. He writes: “But then again, we should be used to this after the hysteria about the Great Barrier Reef bleaching that has really been occurring for hundreds of years, fraudulent changing of past weather records, the ignoring of data that shows Pacific islands and the Maldives are growing rather than being inundated, and unsubstantiated claims polar ice is melting. By ignoring history and geology, any claim of unusual weather can be made sensational.”


Editorial Comment: Anyone who searches our Fact File will find the same comments made by us over many years, so thanks to Plimer for this item. We are also aware that Plimer has been an ardent critic of claims about man-made global warming for many years, and doesn’t need to copy us. Most geologists we know take the same line as Plimer for the same reasons – they and we have observed the fossil record of plants. We have also grown living plants in carbon dioxide enhanced conditions. Plimer is also correct about the powerful forces that really drive the climate being the sun, the oceans and the clouds.

Sadly, Plimer is a well-known atheist who is even more scathing about creationists than he is about climate activists, so it is ironic that we are on the same side of the climate debate. Unlike Plimer, we would remind all that the powerful climate forces are under the control of the Creator of the heavens and earth, who uses the climate for His own purposes. The only way people can influence the climate is to humble themselves before the Creator and ask Him to provide the right weather conditions for growing crops and refreshing the land.

Evidence News vol. 19, No. 18
27 November 2019
Creation Research Australia