Gender Neutral Toilets

UK schoolgirls reject transgender toilets, according to an article in The Christian Institute, 9 October 2019.

Girls in UK schools are refusing to attend school rather than use “gender neutral” toilets in schools that allow boys to use the same toilets as girls. According to the UK Christian Institute some schools have allowed mixed sex toilet facilities “in response to calls to accommodate children who say they are transgender and do not want to use the toilets which match their birth sex.”

Other girls are attending school but avoiding going to the toilet at school, even it is means not drinking fluids.

Christian Institute

Editorial Comment: Defying God’s Word always causes problems, even for those who are not in rebellion but have to live in the same society. Apart from the disruption to girls’ education by not attending school, not drinking fluids and avoiding using the toilet regularly puts them at risk of bladder infections and dehydration.

God not only created individual people he also created human society, and therefore He knows how it will function best. God is the Creator of human beings as male and female, and education authorities who insist on denying this will answer to Him for the damage they do to those they are supposed to be caring for.

Evidence News vol. 19, No. 18
27 November 2019
Creation Research Australia