Donald Trump at March for Life

Donald Trump the first USA President to ever attend Annual March for Life made the following statements in his speech: “All of us here today understand an eternal truth: Every child is a precious and sacred gift from God. Together, we must protect, cherish, and defend the dignity and sanctity of every human life.” … “And as the Bible tells us, each person is “wonderfully made.”

From transcript of Remarks by President Trump at the 47th Annual March for Life, issued by White House briefings, 24 January 2020. 

White House,  Video of Speech here.

Editorial Comment.  President Trump is reported as acting on these Biblical based beliefs by threatening to withhold funds to California and other states unless they allow employers and organisations to opt out having to pay for abortions through their health insurance schemes.  At present California laws forces all health insurers, including Churches, to pay for contraception and abortion, even if it is against their religious beliefs.  Because of the complexity of USA federal and state politics this may be a long battle.  For more details see article in Wall Street Journal here

Since every Democrat that has been reported in the media stands for the legalised killing of unborn children we can see they want him impeached. It’s a fight to the death.

Evidence News vol. 20,
29 January 2020
Creation Research Australia