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Transgender trending in Scotland, according to a report in UK newspaper The Courier reported 6 November 2020.

The newspaper wrote a scathing report about a DVD “The Transgender Agenda”, being sent to schools across the UK. Produced by Truth in Science, it includes interviews with medical experts explaining the true dangers of transgenderism, and the harm it causes.

The Courier also reported local councils had condemned the distribution of these DVDs to schools, stating: “Schools deliver inclusive educational experiences for pupils where facts are presented in an objective, balanced and sensitive manner, appropriate to each child and young person’s age and stage of development”.

Although The Courier’s report was very negative, they did comment: “If you’re not super clued up on the transgender debate, something like this could be quite convincing!”

Link: Courier
Editorial Comment: Yes, being convinced is often the result when confronted with the truth!

There is a hidden agenda in the transgender movement, one that Paul warned Timothy of – “Science falsely so called” (2 Timothy 6:20). Science is the old Latin word for knowledge, and the translation of the N.T. Greek gnosis so it’s important to recognise that many so called ‘facts’ referred to in the council’s comments are simply ‘false knowledge’. The secular agenda is not interested in facts any more, using instead whatever fits their preconceived ideology of atheism – be it evolution, transgenderism, or homosexuality.

So, beware of such false science, which leads people away from the truth, but rather, use true science, which by itself won’t save you, but certainly will point you to the one who is Truth – Jesus Christ, the same Jesus who said He had made them male and female ‘from the beginning’. (Matthew 19:4) He should know after all – it was He who made man in His own image in the first place!

Schoolteachers who take the advice from LGBT activists and prevent students from hearing the truth, should also take warning from Jesus, who said it would be better to the thrown into the sea with a large millstone around the neck than to lead young people astray (Matthew 18:6).

Creation Research News 18 November 2020

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