Introduction and Editorial by John Mackay.

What’s one thing Abraham, Joseph, Jacob and Christmas have in common? Surprisingly the answer is climate change!

Abraham went to Egypt because of drought. God revealed to Joseph there would be seven years of plenty and seven years of drought in Egypt, because He, the Creator of weather would make it happen that way. That same drought was also the reason Abraham’s descendant Jacob came to Egypt. And that was where all the people Israel would reside, until persecution by an evil Pharaoh became so oppressive, that God raised up a leader in Moses, who would lead His people out of Egypt and into the promised land.

So what’s the connection between climate change and the celebration of Christ’s coming?

Since the climate was changed in Egypt, let’s ask why Egypt? Why didn’t God’s People flee the drought by going elsewhere? The answer? The sovereign God who invented weather, always has an overriding plan for climate, and in this case it proves to be the connecting link between the promised Saviour Jesus, and Christmas.

The New Testament writer Matthew reminds us that Joseph, Mary and the Christ Child, were given instructions from God to flee to Egypt. And like the first Joseph over a millennium and a half before, God next spoke to him in Egypt, telling Joseph to take Mary and Jesus back to the Promised Land after wicked King Herod died. Matthew the Jew (Matt 2:15), emphasised that all this was done so the Lord God’s prophecy through Hosea (11:1) would be fulfilled ‘I called my son out of Egypt’. So never treat climate as if it is just happenstance, man-made or natural. The sovereign God who invented weather and climate, is the one who promises to use it to bless us or judge us, and the biggest blessing we have ever received through His use of climate change was to enable us to recognise that Jesus is the Saviour Christ. Enjoy our final E-news for the year 2019, and see you again in 2020 God willing.

Now from the Creation Guy John Mackay, senior research Diane Eager, Joseph Hubbard and the rest of the Team, we trust you have a blessed and totally politically incorrect Christmas, and thank you for all your gifts during the year.

Evidence News, vol. 19, No. 20
11 December 2019
Creation Research Australia

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