Editorial by John Mackay

TEACHERS BEWARE: There is no missing link between the teaching of evolution and the increased demand for abortion since the 1960’s, plus our brief report on President Trump at the 2020 US March for Life makes for one further ‘connect the dots’ situation. So, teachers beware when you force feed students evolutionist non-science, you are training them to kill babies – their own and others.

The six million Jews being remembered this month in association with Auschwitz, pale into insignificance to the millions now being murdered by doctors, nurses, pro-abortion campaigners, and pregnant mums. False classroom messages are eternally accountable, to The Holy and Righteous Judge who alone created the Universe.

I still remember with joy the pregnant teen wanting an abortion who watched our first Creation Research video on this topic and who afterwards tearfully shared she could not go ahead with killing a real person. This dramatic documentary is still available on YouTube here.

Editorial by John Mackay

Evidence News vol. 20, No.1
29 January 2020
Creation Research Australia

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