Editorial by John Mackay

The Aussie floodwaters may have run through our house on Saturday night, but this is one editor who is giving both credit and thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ for the rain which put most of our bushfires out in one evening, as well as filled our dams. Yes, our carpets are still smelly and our muscles sore from digging trenches, but the garden is doing its amazing rebound thing. Most of our farmer friends and supporters are also rejoicing in the Lord right across south-east Queensland and into rural New South Wales where I will be preaching this coming weekend, and YES – they have asked for the climate of fire and flood message.

The sad thing is that our newspapers may be full of how wonderful the rain is, and the media abounds with children jumping joyfully in muddy puddles, but it is very obvious that two things are happening.  Very few leaders are actually giving public acknowledgement to the Creator God as the provider of the rain and that includes our “evangelical” Prime Minister. And secondly, the media is obviously ignoring and or editing out anybody who does give thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ for graciously blessing us.

At the same time we have the tragic situation where our State Government full of atheist leaders wants legislation to protect retired farm horses or racehorses from being used in abattoirs, while they gleefully promote legislation allowing babies to be aborted to full term. Such hypocrisy is shameful and the Lord God will hold us accountable as a State and as a Nation for the murder of the innocents. And beyond a shadow of a doubt there is a one for one link between these issues and acknowledging Christ as Creator, or treating the universe as lucky chance result of ever evolving matter and energy.  The Atheist Tag Team partnership with those popular Churchians who proclaim a god who created over millions of years, not only invokes the Satan who heaps academic praise upon you for same, but smirks at your foolishness because you erode fully the great power of the Christ who created in just six days. So stand with us as we hit the front line of battle for 2020 … up and running fast. 

We have sent Joseph Hubbard for further training in Texas USA to learn more skills re both fossil extraction and preparation, which will be a wonderful assistance to our museum ministries around the globe, which display all the evidence that millions of years of evolution is nonsense, so pray for him and continue to support the training programs he is doing over the next few months.

And Yes, we do need your gifts to continue doing this.

Editorial by John Mackay

Evidence News vol. 20, No. 2
12 February 2020
Creation Research Australia

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