Editorial By John Mackay

Which of following are true or false?

Aboriginals have been in Australia 40,000 years or more.

Wearing a face mask is useful in preventing Corona virus.

The Big Bang is scientifically accurate.

God made only one race of man.

In today’s world you can be anything you want to be!

The Aboriginal ‘Welcome to Country’ smoking ceremony is a harmless cultural event.

Genesis presupposes the existence of God.

They are all false, no matter how popular they are with scientists and the general public, Christian or non-Christian.

Some are even too politically incorrect to mention, as shown by the violence that erupted when the West Australian RSL tried to raise a motion wanting the Aboriginal ‘Welcome’ smoking ceremony removed from Anzac Day ceremonies. This is a move we would agree with, and this author would go even further, as all immigrants are forced to accept this ceremony as part of their ‘nationalisation’ when they become citizens. Why? Because the ceremony is not just cultural, but totally pagan, as well as demonic, and it locks Australian futures into the same Satanic delusion that took Aboriginals down into the stone age, when they moved first to India and then to Australia. But of course, none of that can be mentioned in our politically correct culture that prefers myths to real history.

Yes, you can find answers to many of these issues on our QnA website including the most recent one which brought the new question about whether Genesis presupposes the existence of God.

Now enjoy the rest of Evidence News from the Creation Guy John Mackay, senior editor Diane Eager, and the world wide team at Creation Research.

Editorial by John Mackay

Evidence News vol. 20, No. 3
4 March 2020
Creation Research Australia

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