Editorial by John Mackay

Corona-tion of the world hides biggest climate change to date, and almost annihilates climate reports. So, you too missed reports about last week’s Antarctic heat wave of 9 degrees being the warmest on record? Note well the same calls for global government, spy satellites and injected computer chips to manage the planet are increasing, by the same people who tried to use climate for that end, just as we predicted in our climate DVD’s.

UK churches have been shut before: On March 24, 1208, after England’s King John opposed the Pope’s choice for Archbishop of Canterbury, Pope Innocent III had all English churches closed, and the dead were not given Christian burials until King John surrendered. In 1215 English Barons forced the evil King John to sign the Magna Carta, in which the first article affirms “That the Church of England shall be free …”. The key value of the Magna Carta Liberatum document is the concept that everyone, including the King, is subject to the law. How did the Barons achieve their goal? By capturing the financial centre of King John’s universe (London) and using it as a bargaining chip.

Also100 years ago during the Spanish Flu epidemic, church closure was practised to prevent spread of the disease.

Editorial by John Mackay
Creation Research News 1 April 2020

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