Editorial by Joseph Hubbard

Violence Goes Viral in UK

From Joseph Hubbard, at the time he was flying from Chicago to UK before total lockdown.

My asthmatic mumhas been under isolation with Coronavirus during the past month. She has just finished quarantine and went shopping for goods desperately needed for my grandparents who are in lockdown, as well as my own ‘isolated’ family. There was a queue some 300 strong as the shop opened, people flooded in, fights broke out and so did the panic. Mum was threatened, pushed and screamed at, as people grabbed at items in her hand and trolley. 
The England she was quarantined from and the UK she re-discovered this week are tragically different. Both security and military personnel guarded what few goods you could buy from shelves, in this violent preview of what’s yet to come from survival of the fittest evolutionist mentality, the current ‘Me’ generation has been indoctrinated with since birth.
Greed and selfishness are rife throughout the UK and are a major result of the ungodly evolutionism that has been enforced since the end of WWII. No longer do we have the ‘British spirit’ my Grandparents report which got this nation through the Second World War, and little remains of a sense of duty to our country or fellow Brits. Most never ever consider putting others needs before their own. Why are we in this state? Why was I writing this sitting in Chicago airport desperately trying to get back to the UK, before Boris closed all borders? Why did I have to watch Brits threaten flight staff members, with police needing to get involved? Coronavirus doesn’t make you violent, but rejecting the law of the Creator, Saviour God does. Our Nation’s rejection of the authority of God’s Word, the Bible, has allowed something far worse than any flu type virus. The desperate wickedness of the sin nature present in every person old or young, unrestrained by the love of Christ now, guarantees our inner violence will go viral. It may have first showed in the almost hilarious hoarding of toilet paper, but now my mum is being attacked as people openly try to steal her shopping.
Only the Eternal Gospel of Christ offers any hope for the UK, the USA or Downunder, so preach it and ‘worship the Jesus who made the heavens and earth and the seas and the fountains of waters’. (Rev 14:6-7) Please pray as you read this, I am on the plane home to the UK to continue to minister the whole Gospel of Christ from Genesis to Revelation in full time capacity for Creation Research.

Joseph Hubbard
Email update from Creation Research, 25 March 2020.

Following this report there was a strong negative response from some people in the UK.  Joseph has written the follow up article below.

Firstly, thank you to all who felt convicted enough to write – your thoughts and critiques are always welcome. Secondly, we are truly glad for those of you whose region remains unaffected by what many of us are experiencing. After Creation Research sent out my recent report (25/03/2020) on violence in the UK in response to the current Coronavirus pandemic, we received numerous disagreements and complaints, mostly from UK readers. This included labelling my report as ‘Tabloid-style’, ‘Inaccurate’, and ‘Wildly exaggerated’, or I was ‘only writing a report with a personal agenda relating to a single incident with my mother’. So, let me gently offer a defence and further evidence for the point we were making in the report.

First, Creation Research Worldwide has a strict policy of only using documented or evidenced reports, never ‘multiple hand-me-down’ reports. The situations documented in my first report were given to myself by eyewitnesses, and incidents that specifically happened to my mother on the 22nd March 2020, as well as what I experienced at Chicago Airport. I simply used my mother’s example as it was the most detailed and most trustworthy available to report. After my return to the UK, similar incidents were related to me personally by both grandparents, as well as members of my church.

Again, I acknowledge that the situation is not necessarily like this throughout the entirety of the UK, since many rural locations and areas considered ‘upper class’ tend to be a lot less violent and more relaxed. Sadly, this is by no means the current norm in the UK.

The situation reported to me by family and close church friends occurred in and around the Norwich area in Norfolk. I myself personally experienced this during my drive back up to Norfolk from Heathrow airport. We stopped off at a large supermarket just outside London to be greeted by over 300 customers lined up outside the door, police and security at the front, while first-in-the-line customers were swearing, and threatening them, demanding to be let in. We left, and proceeded to a smaller supermarket, where, upon being told by a security guard we couldn’t enter, he thanked us earnestly for not kicking up a fuss, following the loads of abuse he has had over the last few days. Let’s honestly ask: Why security guards and police in the first place, across much of the UK?

Panic buying is not slowing down. There was no ‘initial’ spree that has calmed down. You still enter supermarkets within two hours of opening, and there is barely any food left. Even to the point that my grandmother was extremely upset she couldn’t even get a cauliflower at the local supermarket. This is an ongoing issue in many places around the UK, and it does not appear to be slowing down, despite recent government restrictions. It is getting to the point where major supermarkets are limiting, not just numbers of individual items, but total number of items in a shop as well.

So, sad to say, my report was not just rehashing old stories, but a now well-documented series of issues and incidents in the UK and we strive to provide accurate reports from many sources. (See references below.) However, our point remains the same. Once society rejects the Giver of Life and His Morals, so they reject the value of all things that are from Christ. Consider the comments from Creation Research International Director, John Mackay: “It is a long-observed fact that civilisation is a very thin veneer over the savagery of the human heart. Scratch through that veneer at your peril. Every generation is only one generation away from degeneration, and this generation it seems, is only one virus away from violence!”

I am not the only one to report on this either. Long-time representative for Creation Research UK, Pastor John Young also reports from Manchester: “Hand sanitisers being stolen at hospitals. Ambulances damaged. Youths spitting and coughing at Police. Thefts and scams everywhere. £950k of scams re Virus. Days of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah increasing! We are in lock down now, at last, to try and contain the spread. Lots of prayers by the remnant here.”

Of course, there are still good things in UK society, such as the hotel offering free meals to all over 70 in the town, something my grandparents are extremely grateful for. Add to this the incredible numbers of retired medics who have volunteered to serve in the NHS once again. The sadly humorous ‘Best of British’ end, as ministry supporter Terry reports on a supermarket incident in his area: An elderly infirm woman was reaching for a loaf of bread when an adult male with his wife suddenly grabbed it off the shelf and put it in their trolley walking away. Another elderly male, a 75 years old ex-boxer, saw what happened, walked up to their trolley and took it out.

Hey that’s mine, I need it!’

“Yes, but so does the older infirm lady who was reaching for it! If you have any problem with what I’ve done we can go outside and settle it. The couple walked away!”

Oh, for more reports like this eh?

This does not set
aside the fact that ‘The heart of man is desperately wicked’ (Jeremiah 17:9).
It is times such as these, where that sobering fact truly begins to show. If
situations and incidents such as these are not happening in your area, thank
the Lord that you still have that privilege, and continue to pray for the many
people, particularly older generations, who do not. For their real need is
neither food, nor toilet paper, but the Lord of all – Jesus Christ, our only

Joseph Hubbard
Creation Research News, 1 April 2020

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