Editorial by John Mackay

For those of you complaining about Covid-19 Church lockdowns, perhaps you need to compare your situation with the survivors of a shipwreck living on what they called Batavia’s Graveyard (now Beacon Island Western Australia) which is part of the Houtman Albrohos Islands. Faithful Christian Worshippers found themselves in what would be Australia’s first church lockdown.
The best ship of the Dutch fleet carrying the richest ever cargo for the Dutch East India company (The VOC), struck a reef and began to break up.
Mutineers had already been plotting to gain control and promptly did so after the stern Dutch Captain Pelseart, set out on a rescue trip to distant Batavia in Indonesia to get help.
The morning of the 8th day of July came with the appointed ship’s preacher (Predikant Gijsbert) being ordered by mutineers Beer and Van Os, to shut down his service mid-service,  and that no more would be held!
Complaints about the men by the preacher to the leader Jeronimus, showed the mutineers were doing as Jeronimus told them. His evil logic was we need your time wasted in services to help us survive, rather than wasting the people’s time pleading with God to help.
Jeronimus would prove to be a living example of the pernicious doctrine of Rosicrucianism, that everything is from god so nothing is innately bad.

Murder and rape would be his chief weapon with only 80 out of 331 surviving, including the preacher who provided part of the full written account of the evil events, which were ultimately used to hang Jeronimus and his chief mutineers, 2nd October 1629, after Captain Pelseart returned with a rescue ship.
You can read more of this tragic tale in Peter Fitzsimon’s well written history “Batavia”. So, be grateful nothing in western shut downs approaches anything like this, and look for Covid-19 opportunities no matter what the politicians, the Chinese or the Gates of this world would want to use this situation for. As God himself said, Fear God the Creator alone (Isaiah 8:12-13) no matter what men conspire to do.

Editorial by John Mackay
Creation Research News, 14 May 2020

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