Editorial by John Mackay

From cries and placards of ‘Always was – Always will be aboriginal land,’ through musical strains of ‘I am, you are, we are Australian’ to ‘Barbies on the Beach’ – few people who celebrated Australia Day Downunder realised no-one was “Australian”, until January 26, 1949, when ‘Aussies’ could first travel with authorised Australian passports, and not British ones! When this Editor grew up, the debate topic at schools was ‘Am I still British?’ I for one rejoice in the fact that I have both a British and an Australian passport. But when I grew up the famous Jenolan caves were regarded as four thousand years old, not millions of years. It was without doubt a Biblically based society. Even though I didn’t come from a church family, nobody believed the Australian Aborigines had been here 60 to 70 thousand years, the now popular basis for their claim to have always owned Australia, and to be Indigenous.
So, let’s throw a serious question out there – how long do you have to be in a country to be ‘indigenous’? It is easy to prove aborigines have not always been here, and they did come from India*, so they did not start as indigenous by any current definition. So how long were they here before they became indigenous? A decade, a century, a millennium?

Perhaps it is time to consider anybody who is born in a country and grows up there as “indigenous”. Anybody who has worked with aborigines knows full well their culture has no concept of 6,000 or 60,000 years. These are ‘white fella’ European evolutionist lies about the evolution of aborigines, which political activists among the aborigines are now using at one end to ‘take back their land’, or at the furthest extreme ‘get rid of Australia’, and in doing so may bring chaos and even war to one of the most peaceful nations on earth – the land Downunder.
Perhaps you should be like us at Creation Research who really do acknowledge the traditional owners of the land – Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Who alone can grant peace and harmony, first to the individual, then to community and nation.

*See our reports: Australian Aborigines Came from India, Indian Aboriginal Gene Mix.

Editorial by John Mackay
Creation Research News 27 January 2021

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