Editorial by Craig Hawkins

Encounters with science educators reported by our Tasmanian colleague Craig Hawkins MSc, who writes:

While serving at the counter of our tourism business recently I was challenged by a Victorian high school science teacher who had seen creation materials in our gift shop, as to why a place like ours would be associated with such a thing like creationism. I politely responded that as the owner I believed it was a much better explanation of the origins of the universe than the religion of evolution.

Well, that was enough to almost witness spontaneous combustion. I briefly, casually explained how there is a complete lack of observable, measurable and repeatable evidence in all the major steps required by evolution, including the Big Bang, life arising from non-living chemicals, and the need for increasing genetic complexity to evolve from amoebas to man.

This science teacher, who teaches Aussie children that evolution is a fact, was unable to counter these basic facts and line of argument. In order to try and disregard the line of logic that I had used she resorted, in front of other customers, to argue that it can be theoretically shown that 1 plus 1 does not equal 2, and therefore you cannot always believe what otherwise appears obvious. Worldview suitably challenged; the poor teacher then stormed out.

The next customer, a very typical Aussie fellow, came up to the counter and said: ‘Sorry mate but I couldn’t help overhearing all that. As a butcher for many years I can say that if I added 1 kilo of sausages to another kilo of sausages I always ended up with 2 kilos!’

The butcher’s profound summary of the need for real facts properly used and interpreted, was eminently more sensible than vague claims by a science-graduated teacher as to the authority of secular, humanistic “science” over the obvious intricacy of design in creation.

Later that same evening, I was reminded how we achieve science teachers with such narrow understandings of evidence, whilst reviewing my eldest son’s first week science lectures at Southern Cross University. After using all the typical evidences for evolution, including known frauds such as gill slits in human embryos and faked whale transitional fossils such as Rhodhocetus along with Darwin’s theory of natural selection, comparative anatomy, the fossil record, rock strata etc. the professor said:
If you look at the body of evidence for evolution and natural selection as an idea, but as a theory [sic] it’s almost unbelievable that people still argue that creationism is an alternative.’ (Prof. Renaud Joannes-Boyan, Assoc. Professor of Science SCU, Organisms and Environments, Online lecture 8/3/21)

It is important we note that the lecturer used many examples of “evidence” that has been soundly refuted by both non-creationists and creationists over many years. 

Science lecturers such as this, all over the country are not only telling young science hopefuls what to think regarding the origins of life, but are also basically saying you are an idiot if you believe anything else.  Undergraduates face a very daunting situation in daring to question such professors. A young Christian must be very careful in how they phrase their essays or ask questions challenging evolutionary assumptions. It is easy to see how dissent and alternative opinions are crushed at the very outset.

So, speaking as someone who has a Master’s degree in Science, I encourage young Christians to take up science degrees at University, because evolution is irrelevant to most of the great science you can do, but you will have to put up with the religion of evolution as you do. To succeed in spite of the evolutionary brainwashing keep your eyes on the true Creator Jesus Christ, who will actually strengthen your capacity to “demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God and take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ” (2 Corinthians 10:5)

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Editorial by Craig Hawkins
Creation Research News 17 March 2021

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